Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who's speaking more effectively for the Democrats and non-conservatives, Howard or Hillary?

Although Howard Dean heads the Democractic National Committee, he's being excrutiatingly ineffective. He can talk all he wants, but he's not scoring any points. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the other hand makes a few carefully crafted comments and the entire right-wing body politic responds as if their very survival was at stake. Her every word scores a few lots of points.

I still don't think Hillary has a credible plan for winning back everything that has been lost in recent years, but at least she has a credible voice and knows how to really draw blood in a political battle.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the key issue right now is not who wins what election, but putting forth an idea campaign that can truly capture the hearts and souls of three-quarters of likely American voters. This shouldn't be about who wins some more seats in the Senate or House/Plantation or even the Presidency, but having a plan that can garner enough support so that there will be sufficient support for good programs and good policies.

Howard should just sit down and shut up, or do something useful like offer to carry Senator Clinton's bags.

-- Jack Krupansky


At July 13, 2006 at 7:21 AM , Anonymous cste609371 said...

education is key for a brighter future for tomorrows children, only time will tell how people vote...
I like Hillary's stance on education.
Well I am a daycare owner of 20 years. I like to get my clients help when I see they need it. I'm talking babies up to 7 yr. olds
I work with many agencies. D.S.S./ parent classes for behavior, red cross  parent training, luck- for anger issues, police for domestic issues. Drug counseling help if they need it.
-early intervention, food programs for our poor clients. screening  to be sure development is ok.
like Hillary Clinton's book which I love, it take a village. it the old day we all had so many relatives all watching out for our kids, now families are far away in most cases or too busy to help.
if we all do our part as teachers to see and know that times have changed and we all have to do our part to be of the village that raises its children. The children that fall through the cracks, the children we don't help. we pay for in prison cost down the line.

Just my take,
Comment from cste609371 - 7/13/06 6:44 AM


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