Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Howard Dean says the government is for sale

I just got an email from Howard Dean. Well, I supposed he sent it to a few (hundred thousand) people besides me, but he informs me that the government is for sale. Cool.

If Howard is right about this, then all we have to do to "take back our government" is simply collect a little money and then it will be ours again. Cool. What could be simpler?

So, why doesn't he simply buy it and be done with the Republicans once and for all. He doesn't need to ask my permission. Or, maybe even he himself doesn't believe that the government is really for sale.

Or, maybe he's trying to suggest that if we all pitch in, we can bribe the Republicans to do what we want.

I wonder how much a "Plantation" costs, anyway... does anyboday know?

-- Jack Krupansky

He didn't give an actual price.


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