Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Bank of America

I have no way of seeing or controlling what ad you see at the top of this blog, but I almost always see an ad for the Bank of America. Although you may find the ad annoying, I'm rather amused since BofA is my *old* bank. I no longer have a checking account at BofA but use Wells Fargo now. Partly that's due to moving out to Colorado which is one of the few remaining states that BofA does not do business in, but I wasn't very happy with the quality of the service I was getting. So, why did I choose to open a BofA account? Well, I didn't. I had an account at Fleet Bank and was relatively happy with it, and then BofA bought fleet. I guess you could say that my "Mom" (banks should present a somewhat maternal image to consumers) married some jerk and since I didn't get along with my new step-dad, I decided to run away from home. Sorry BofA, but I ain't coming home any time soon, or even ever.

In any case, please enjoy all those wonderful ads. Especially since with all that red, white, and blue they're so patriotic, even though I'm not.

The sole reason that I started this blog was because I had heard that there was a big controversy over ads unexpectedly appearing on AOL journals, so I decided to see first hand what the big stink was all about.

Other than the fact that I would prefer to run Google ads on this blog since I have a Google AdSense account, the ads seems relatively benign.

-- Jack Krupansky


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